A community of engaged learners ready to make a positive impact on the world

我们提供广泛的选修课和速成课程, 采用个性化的教学方法, 允许每个女孩挑战自己的极限, 发现她的优势,做她喜欢的事情. 

旨在补充女孩最好的学习方式, the 高级学校 offers an intentional approach based on collaboration, 好奇心和选择. It is a welcoming environment where learning is challenging and fun, 女孩们可以自由地做自己. 

在八年级, girls new to Crofton House join those crossing the courtyard from the 初中 to form new friendships. 与家长合作, advisors, 职系首长, teachers, 专家(如设计技术人员), 学习策略, 以及高等教育和职业顾问, provide students with a supportive network that encourages each girl to reach her goals and aspirations while tending to her social, 情感, 身体和智力的发展和健康.

Our enriched post-secondary preparatory curriculum meets or exceeds the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care graduation requirements. It spans humanities, mathematics, sciences, arts and applied skills. 学生被要求继续学习艺术, 语言和体育直到11年级, 导致全面的教育. 

我们的招牌项目, 艾薇指南针, goes beyond the curriculum by integrating enriched learning opportunities. 高级学校 students embrace increasing leadership and responsibility and apply their learning in the workplace, 关于全球旅行, 在志愿者的角色和课堂之外. 

Crofton House graduates continue their learning at post-secondary institutions in Canada, 美国和全世界. Girls leave CHS with a strong sense of purpose and the confidence they can do anything.

浏览学校简介 for information about where our graduates are pursuing their studies.


The 学术手册 describes all courses that are offered to students in Grades 8-12. It serves as a guide for students as they make decisions about the courses that will make up their CHS timetable.


“The 高级学校 is a place where a girl finds out who she is. Each girl harnesses the many experiences she has here to cultivate a purpose, doing what matters to her and knowing what she can contribute to the world.”

米歇尔•道格拉斯 | 高级学部主任



所有年级均接受申请, 八年级是主要的入学年级, 有40个名额可供新生使用.  了解更多


我们的招牌项目, 艾薇指南针, 促进个人成长, leadership and engaged citizenship through real-life experiences inside and outside of the classroom 


  • 各科专业教师
  • 50%的高中教师拥有高等学历
  • Advanced Placement courses offer opportunities for students to pursue learning beyond the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care
  • 独特的学习方式,如哈克尼斯教室 


  • Diversity of electives: from eight electives offered in Grade 8 to 50 offered in Grade 12, 包括微积分, 化学, 计算机科学, 数字电影, 食品和纺织品, 普通话, 体育健康教育和戏剧表演
  • 25俱乐部/项目, 包括业务, 室合唱团, Debate, 性别与性意识(GSA), Math, 模拟联合国, Robotics, 社会责任, 体育船长, STEM和工作室65(艺术)
  • The School celebrates its focus on creative arts and design technology with two major school productions, 音乐会, 艺术节目, 烹饪和设计展示, 电影节, 比赛和年终艺术展 


  • 著名的竞技体育项目包括羽毛球, 篮球, 越野跑步, 曲棍球, rowing, soccer, tennis, 田径和排球
  • Opportunity to participate in local, provincial, national and international competitions


  • Learning Resources provides support services for students who are experiencing academic and learning challenges or require accommodation for learning
  • 顾问, 职系首长, teachers and post-secondary and career counsellors work together to support students


  • The One-to-One Program provides each student with a laptop equipped with the software and programs they need for class
  • Specialized technology is used to support learning throughout the 高级学校, 从3d打印机到数字电影编辑程序
  • 技术 is seamlessly integrated to support teaching and learning


  • Daily healthy, hot lunch provided to all students through our 社区餐饮 Program
  • 设备齐全的健身中心, 为女孩量身定制, 上课时间和课外时间对学生开放吗 
  • Our curriculum-based Outdoor Education Program brings students into nature, 挑战他们, and connects learning to topics of environmental sustainability


  • 欢迎家长参与, 家长/学生/教师会议, volunteer opportunities and special events that involve families with the life of the School


Our extensive post-secondary research and planning programs help girls explore scholarship options and work through the application process for Canadian, 美国和国际大专院校. Guidance continues through to graduation in small group settings and individually. Crofton House graduates are accepted to prestigious post-secondary institutions and programs in Canada, 美国, 在世界范围内. 


Career counselling provides an opportunity for girls to discuss career goals, 认识到他们的技能和优势, 并对未来的职业方向有一个认识. Our counselling program offers invaluable coaching for the more practical aspects of a job search: resumes, 面试, 求职信, 工作经验和人际关系. Through alumnae connections, students receive first-hand advice on career experiences and options.


CHS graduates are required to participate in a minimum of 30 hours of work experience. This program assists girls in preparing for the transition from secondary school to post-secondary studies and the world of work. Girls gain knowledge and real-life experience in the workplace, focusing on an area of interest. CHS students have completed work experience in various workplaces, 从律师事务所到Hootsuite这样的公司.